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O L D   N E W S

Make a Joyful Noise with the Bellman


Has there ever been a more appropriate time
to Make A Joyful Noise!?! After a challenging two years, churches and schools are reopening, restrictions are lifting, social gatherings are growing and the joyful noise is returning. We are uniquely equipped to service, repair, and/or restore your handbells at our Texas facility or on-site from coast to coast utilizing our MoBell Shop®.
Together let’s Make a Joyful Noise, America!


We’ve been Serving a Sweeter Sound to America’s
most polished ringers since 1987. And you can Tap In, too.
With our unique, proprietary polishing equipment we
can restore your castings to original factory condition.
In addition to refurbishment and restoration services,
we are especially renowned for the consistency of our
playing action adjustments and voicing capabilities.
Your devoted handbell choir deserves the finest handbell
service available and your audience deserves a sweeter sound.

Tap Into A Sweeter Sound

Tap Into A Sweeter Sound


Handbell ringing is truly musical artistry.
Like the painter who creates his works in multi-hued oils, your handbell choir paints its portraits with a palette of tonal colors.
We appreciate your devotion to your music, your medium and your fellow choir members.
After more than 30 years of serving America’s most discriminating ringers, we know your instruments better than anyone and we understand your art form. You, your choir, and your handbells deserve the very best in service.
Trust your bells’ tonal color to The Bellman
and hear your choir blossom!


When your handbells need service you need options.
In over 30 years as America’s premiere handbell service provider, we offer you more options and convenience than ever before. Take advantage of our industry leading service facility in Kerrville, TX or choose our unrivaled on-site “MoBell ShopTM” service performed right at your location. Either way you’ll receive the same, legendary service on which we have built our reputation since 1987.

So Let’s Get Together! Our Place...or Yours!

Tap Into A Sweeter Sound

The Bellman - Bright Idea



All of the cornerstone principles of
our business started as just bright ideas,
but the development and implementation of
innovative thinking has positioned us as
America’s premiere handbell service provider.
For nearly three decades, it has been our pleasure
to serve thousands of churches, schools, universities,
music therapists and civic organizations.
If you’re not one of them, we’ve got another
great idea…Give us a call.


As America’s first, and still only
full time, full service, and fully independent
handbell service provider, we’ve been
singularly focused on our craft for nearly
three decades. Whether your bells are American
or European-made, we remain uniquely qualified
to render the very finest service available, period.
Please call or email now to experience what happens
when we put the focus on your instruments.

The Bellman - Singularly Focused

Polished Performance


Eventually, all handbells fall prey to
one or more of the following infestations:
The sticky-clapper caterpillar, the back-ring
beetle, the clapper wobble-worm, the squeaky
axle aphid, the broken spring scorpion
or the dreaded rattle-roach.
Fear not!
As America’s premiere
handbell service provider since 1987,
we are uniquely qualified and experienced.
We’ll Get the Bugs Out!.

Bellman 25 Years


Proudly serving America's most discriminating rigners since 1987.

Celebrating our 25th year of serving discerning handbell ringers from every corner of America, Over the past twenty-five years,
The BELLMAN has achieved many “firsts” in our industry.

1987: First full-time handbell service/repair shop in America
1987: First to offer on-site service in Texas.
1990: First with gentle, machine-assisted polishing equipment.
1996: First servicing of all brands, American & European-made.
1996: First handbell repair website on the internet. Still #1 site today.
2001: First to offer on-site service to a multi-state area.
2003: First to introduce gentle, variable-speed, polishing equipment.
2005: First to offer on-site service to over half of the United States.
2007: Built the first new handbell service facility in America.
2008: First surpassed over 250,000 instruments serviced
2009: First to offer exclusive on-site Combined Servicing, coast to coast.

Polished Performance


Everybody Loves
a Polished Performance,
and it’s your choir’s time to shine.

Our machine–assisted cleaning
process is the finest in the industry,
and will restore your castings’
original luster, inside and out.


Summer 2010

Quality old-time service like it used to be.
The Bellman still comes to you.

I’m on the road again, and will be in your area
in October, providing these on-site services
for American-made Handbells.
• Component inspection and replacement of worn,
broken or missing friction-bearing parts.
• Individual restraining spring adjustment for uniform bell response.
• Individual bell voicing for even-blended timbre.

Service like it used to be

On The Road Again


From 2001 to 2009 we developed and built a
nation-wide travel circuit offering on-site Basic Servicing for American-made handbells to virtually the entire lower 48 states. While Basic Servicing will always remain an on-site service option, in late 2009 we began offering our exclusive Combined Servicing as an on-site option for the first time. Please refer to our MoBell ShopTM page for more details.



Full-time Dedication to our clients’ needs.
Innovation in equipment design.
Commitment in facilities and to our craft.
These are the hallmarks of our success.


After two years in the making,
we proudly unveiled
our new home in 2008.

The Bellman 20 Years


Our celebration of
20 Years of Serving America’s
Most Discriminating Ringers.
20 Years of Sweetening Your Sound.


While you're resting your
"bellbow" for next season...
let The Bellman examine your bells.

Fishing For Business


We’re fishing for your business...
if you bite, you’ll be hooked for life.


Your Bells
Never Sounded as good.

Clean Up your sound

Freedom Rings


Your Bells Never
Had It So Good!


Celebration of 15 Years
of servicing America's most discriminating ringers.

Freedom Rings

Tonal Color


Trust your bells' tonal color to The Bellman, and hear your choir blossom!

Pre-Easter Special Savings!

This was a great time of year to have your bells serviced. You would have enjoyed superfast turnaround and your bells would have been in tip-top shape for the Easter season. Look for similar Special Savings Next Year!


Smart Move

September–December 2000

Considering Fall Handbell Service?
Smart Move!

April–August 2000

Cool Savings on Hot Summer Service

Cool Savings


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