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B A S I C    S E R V I C I N G    F O R    E U R O P E A N - M A D E    H A N D B E L L S

Includes thorough disassembly of all components except handle removal.
All components are inspected for wear or breakage. Provides labor to repair or replace pins, pegs,
springpads and clapper covering felts as needed. All bells are adjusted for consistent playing response
throughout the entire range of your set, and clapper heads are voiced to achieve, even-blended timbre.

Machine Cleaning and Polishing for
European-made Handbells


Because of the difficulty in removing and replacing the leather handles and caps, most European handbells only receive professional machine cleaning of the castings about every 40 years when the handles have worn out and require replacement. The casting, however, would actually benefit from machine cleaning about every 6 to 10 years. I have developed special equipment that allows me to machine clean the castings inside and out, without removing the handles. All clappers are also polished to a fine jeweler's lustre.

Bell Case
After cleaning, each bell is individually sealed in plastic wrapping, and case interiors are vacuumed. Where applicable, case exteriors will also be treated with protectant.

Combined Servicing for European-made Handbells

Whenever possible, the first servicing of your bells should include both
Basic Servicing
And Machine Cleaning & Polishing.

For a personalized price quote on any of the above servicing options,
please email The Bellman from the contact page.


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